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Our story

Olivia's Kloset is a family owned and operated business that consists of my mother, Eileen Buddie and myself, Jenn Buddie. Together, we are the creators, designers, owners and we both hand and machine sew all of our items. My father Len Buddie is our business and financial advisor. My children Olivia and Oskar are my inspiration, my reason, and my drive for everything I do. 

When we started the business we did not have an exact plan. I wanted to be a stay at home mom so I could be home with my children but I also needed to work. My mom started teaching me to sew. We played around with a lot of options but it wasn't until my mom made a winter hat for my daughter that the light bulb really went off. We had a moment of wouldn't it be funny if a hat had eyes, and later we added arms. From this our first monster Nix was born. He is my favorite because he can take on any mood depending on the audience or the person wearing it. I feel he represents the business because his expression is as diverse as what can be found in our Kloset.

We initially started Olivia's Kloset with three hat designs and a few dolls. as of this year we make ten plus hat designs, a large variety of dolls that no two are the same, Puppets/ golf club covers/ wine cozi, bathtub buddies, fingerless gloves, mittens, headbands, ski helmets, dresses, vests, coats, messenger bags, purses, and a wide variety of accessories for all your monster needs. Our biggest struggle is we have more ideas than time or hands to execute them. It usually takes us one plus years to put items in production because we make prototypes, use then to find their flaws, their quirks, and limitations. We constantly are searching to make things practical in function and durable for our audience. We seek to make things that will last for years to come. We also like making something for everyone not just for children but for the children in all of us. 

You will notice the business tags say the initials OK. For me this is very personal. OK are the initials for both of my children. I was a very nervous pregnant woman and felt like everything would be OK as long as they were OK. So it seemed fitting to include the business in that same line of thinking. After all, a business if you truly love it is much like raising a child too. As for the future of Olivia's Kloset we have the same plan we started with from the beginning. Anything can be in a Kloset, the sky is the limit with a lot of hard work, laughter, and the belief to never give up.

There is not a single day that goes by that I am not thankful for our audiences young and old that continue to give their love, support, encouragement, and laughter. 

 A Huge thank you to all of you from the team at Olivia's Kloset. 

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